Overview of the Sonvest Firms

The name "Sonvest" is derived from the combination of the names of its two principal shareholders and promoters: Songhai and Vesta, The combined expertise and geographical spread of the patners enhances Sonvest Medical's operational capability as well as its technical ability to execute projects to the satisfaction of its clients across Nigeria.

 Songhai Medical Centre Limited

Songhai Medical Centre
Offices: Abuja, Kaduna and Kano

The company was incorporated in Nigeria in 2007, with the sole objective of being a world class medical consultancy outfit whose scope include Medical Project Consultancy Services, Medical Services Management, and the provision of highly specialised medical care.

The company was conceived and nurtured by a group of more than ten medical consultants from more than eight different specialties with a combined cumulative experience of more than three hundred years, Their field of experience includes Public Health, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Radio diagnostics, Laboratory Medicine, Virology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Neonatology and Emergency Medicine, The policy of the company is to source high quality, value-for- money, state-of-the art human and material resources for the benefits of our clients.


Vesta Healthcare Partners Nigeria Limited

Vesta Healthcare

Offices: Lagos and Lodon

Vesta Healthcare Partners is an international healthcare management consultancy firm which specialises in the application of private-sector expertise, knowledge-based solutions and cutting-edge clinical practice to address the problems of its clients. The firm works to resolves healthcare issues facing the healthcare sector in the low-middle income countries with a particular focus on Sub Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.

Its services address issues that affect healthcare systems in low-middle income countries, Particularly in Nigeria, there is an urgent need to upgrade and develop healthcare infrastructure, refresh and advance clinical skills, improve management capacity and transform healthcare financing, Vesta delivers value to clients and returns to shareholders through 3 Business Units: (a) Healthcare Consulting and Advisory Unit (b) Care Provision & Delivery Unit and (c) Clinician Development & Training Unit, Each Business Unit is led by a Vesta Partner with a Business Manager, to oversee projects and deliver worth to clients.