Relevant Experience

Our Approach
Sonvest Medical places the timely delivery and sustainability of projects at the forefront of its considerations. We have the flexibility to tailor our consultancy services and processes to reflect the deliverables for most projects. The combined experience and expertise of our people at Sonvest equips us to offer a refined and confident approach in dealing with the challenges projects present. We can competently undertake all types of assignments, working with and coordinating teams, independent consultants, as well as project managing specialist services for the most diverse and complex projects. 

We specialise in working on ambitious and innovative healthcare projects that deliver value to both clients and the communities who use them every day. Our pioneering efforts in the sector are reflected in our global collaborations with leading industry bodies and organisations. Our systems and processes collate and apply UK, Nigerian and international regulatory frameworks, statutory requirements, best practice, and (continually updated) cutting-edge industry knowledge. Our combined past experience combined with our current work with some of the Nigeria's largest and most prestigious healthcare institutions brings all this experience into one place. 

We are able to guarantee that each new project that Sonvest Medical undertakes is informed by international contemporary best practice, as well as the specific needs of our client and the local community. This tenet forms the basis of our work and is constantly referred to during the course of the project.


Our People
Our Directors and staff have played a significant role in shaping the healthcare delivery systems in the Nigeria, the UK and of several countries in Africa. Our specialist network of teams are linked to a sophisticated internal knowledge and technical management system; giving them the tools to input their insights and draw upon the most up to date information for the benefit of our clients.

Strategic Alliances
We have entered into and developed long-term relationships with carefully vetted Corporate Bodies who share the same values and customer focus as Sonvest. Some of these corporate bodies are the most well-known and respected in their sectors and include GE Healthcare Partners, Accenture Nigeria, the Institute of Healthcare Management and the Lagos Business School.

Complex Multi-Dimensional Projects
Healthcare is complex. We specialise in providing bespoke solutions that improves the delivery of healthcare in all environments. Our approach has led to us being considered as one of the foremost specialist medical consultancy providers in the UK, Nigeria, and in the Caribbean.


Our Corporate Structure
Sonvest Medical is run by clinicians, ultimately to provide services for clinicians. The day-to-day management and corporate governance of the firm is executed through the Board of Directors which supervises the firm. Ownership of the firm is reflected in the Board of Directors and our shareholders are a diverse portfolio of investors, includingthe firm's Partners, private investment vehicles and private individuals, All Sonvest firms share resources, personnel and the management of projects. This unique collaboration confers a global competitive advantage on Sonvest Medical, with access to expertise,talent, resources and operational efficiencies which in turn, allows us to truly transcend local and national borders in our assignments and engagements,

Corporate Structure